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10 years old

is one of the thousands of children waiting for a sponsor. For about a dollar a day, you can give her a chance to escape poverty by providing her with some of life's basic needs.

Mercy Without Limits

If the children of Syria were able to survive the ongoing genocide, a greater tragedy than the current situation would be if they ended up dying of neglect. Thousands of orphans in Syria are going to sleep hungry every day. Mercy Without Limits is there to assure that the most vulnerable of all have an opportunity to survive. Due to the ongoing genocide in Syria, thousands of children all throughout the nation have been left without parents. These helpless children have no one to look after them and they are suffering on a daily basis in order to receive some of the most basic necessities. Mercy Without Limits emerged from the onset of the crisis and became recognized for its commitment to accountability, innovation and humanitarian collaboration.

Its work will takes them into the heart of Syrian communities, where will helpe children and widows to help themselves.

Victims of the civil violence are assailed by anxiety and fear. A child who has lost one parent or possibly both is trying to understand what is happening to him—yet in his heart of hearts, he knows this: he could possibly die. Mercy Without Limits is there to see that most of these babies, young children and their mothers do not die needlessly from preventable and treatable causes such as malnutrition, diarrhea and pneumonia. This is unacceptable. Basic nutrition and hygiene, vaccines, medicine, and access to frontline health workers are essential to child survival.

Our Partners

Saving a Generation

A Campaign to Empower Syrian Children Through Education

Beginning in 2011, over 4 million Syrian children were forced to quit their education as a result of fighting in Syria. Schools and classrooms were destroyed, leaving children too terrified to go to school and later flee their country. Progress achieved over the decades has been reversed within four horrific years. These children are the future of Syria and should not be forgotten by the world. By educating these children, we can help save them.

This Ramadan, help the children of Syria build a better future. Provide education opportunities and make a difference by clicking here and/or by clicking on one or more of the following gifts:

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